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The officials, the government is weak.


Man is born free, but he is not in chains.


Human nature is good, but evil social environment makes people become bad.


Nature wants children to be like children before they are adults.


The most important educational principle is not to cherish the time, to waste time.


Life itself has no value, its value lies in how to use it.


Our pain is not commensurate with our desire and ability.


From our hearts to take the love of the United States, but also took away all the charm of life.


The great secret of education is to make physical exercise and mental exercise to adjust to each other.


In fact, the law is always in favor of the owner, but not conducive to a person without.


I never feel bored when I'm alone, and it's the thing I can't stand for my whole life.


I know I must let the children be attentive, but neglect the most terrible danger of children.


Decoration is also incompatible with virtue, for virtue is the power and anger of the soul.


For all that is in the hand of the creator God is good, and it is in the hands of man that it becomes evil.


Where the teachers lack of love, both character and wisdom are not fully and freely developed.


Remember, the reason why people go astray, not because of his ignorance, but because he knows that.


Not forming the habit of thinking in childhood. The ability to make him a life without thinking.


If we allow ever-young in this world, who are willing to accept this sinistrous gift?


Each family is a small community of unity, freedom and mutual affection is their only bond.


The most significant person in life is not the greatest person in life, but the most important person in life.


There is no pure unconscious action in the world, so long as we are good at seeking, we can find out the reason of action from the heart.


To put it all in confusion, people not only did not make us understanding, but to make us evil.


The development of human intelligence should be mainly attributed to the desire, and the desire can be generally satisfied to rely on the development of intelligence.


The courage in misfortune, usually make cowardly heart angry, and the noble soul of joy.


If a person can be self restrained for the sake of morality, then he can't stand the contempt of the person he loves.


Weak in character, not only do not sin, even if it is about virtue, arrogant and bold.


The strongest cannot always be strong enough to be master, unless he can turn the power into the right and the duty of obedience.


If the flow, flow away; if still, on the dry; if the growth, and slowly fade, the world is not eternal.


I can't find a friend who is totally devoted to me, and I have to be able to overcome the inertia of my friend by the force of it.


The most lonely and sad life, but also better than with the help of the guys, to know that it is only know that the betrayal and hatred of the villain.


Virtue and evil two terms are the concept of collective as the object, it is only through the frequent contact with people can produce.


Would rather let the children a dead letter, don't make him to learn the knowledge and the other useful things are sacrifice.


The history of human progress is the history of human degeneration, and the establishment of private ownership is the key to the cause of human inequality and its consequences.


The money in our hand is a tool to keep free; the money we seek is a tool to make yourself a slave.


Now, the rest of the world left me alone. In addition to me and my shadow, no brothers, neighbors, partners.


Selfishness is a kind of self love, compassion is a love he. A man who wants to be loved by others should first have a heart of love.


Humans seem to have such a tendency to establish a rule that others follow, at the same time trying to make themselves an exception, not subject to its constraints.


Governance society should be based on this common interest. People always want to be happy, but people don't always look happy.


I don't want to die, but I'm in a dying position, I want to live for you, but it's you who are taking away my life.


Regardless of where to, I have been lingering the delightful, leisurely life, riches without interest of handy, even disgust.


If the sovereignty of a subject is more than another subject, then things will become a different, and his power will no longer be effective.


Wisdom and stupidity, like beauty and evil of the food, the speech of skillful and clumsy, just like cup of fine coarse, regardless of cup of coarse and fine, holding the two kinds of food.


If a person is satisfied with his life, he will have a good life. The more we don't know, the more we feel the pain.


Only when a person is in a state of dependence is weak, if he is unrestrained, do not rely on other people's words, he is very strong.


Once the law has lost its power, all will be in despair; as long as the law no longer has the power, all the legal things will not be any more power.


Man is born free, but he is not in chains. The man who thinks he is the master of everything else is a slave to everything else.


The source of true happiness in our own. As long as a person is good at the pursuit of happiness, others can not make him fall into a real tragic situation.


I engaged in a career, with no predecessors who have. I want to show the true colors of a person in front of the world; this person is me.


In these moments of solitude and meditation alone. I am really me, is consistent with my nature. I, I just neither worry and fettered.


Once people become famous, it is a great misfortune to have a friend, it is a great misfortune. And in particular, the people who are claiming to be friends are going away from you.


We often see people in the theatre who admit unfortunate people to tears, but if they become tyrants, they will be more cruel to the enemy.


The leisure in the social field is disgusting, because it is forced, and the idle in the lonely life is pleasant, for it is free and voluntary.


Even though I have a blunder, but I am neither a liar is not a coward, and my heart committed sin, my pen is not to deny it.


When people are forced to obey, they do. However, when people can break the shackles of their own body and break it, they do more on.


You have to remember, in the courage to play the task of training a person before, he must make a person, he must be a worthy model.


The big problem of political science is to find a form of government that will be placed on top of the law, and the problem can be compared with that of the circle in geometry.


This is the first time that the human beings have been marked by the change of the times, the people have established the family, have formed some kind of private ownership, also has brought the endless dispute and the conflict to oneself.


A man's heart is only subject to his own, you want to bind it, the results have released it; if you let it be free, but you put it tightly bound.

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